Friday, July 30, 2010

And now I'm a Candidate for Level 2

I passed Level 1 of the CFA exam. Apparently hard work does pay off, at least in this instance. Or luck, its hard to separate the two sometimes methinks.

Of course, all passing Level 1 gets me is the opportunity to study for Level 2 for the next 10 months. My informal survey of my prep course classmates revealed a 50% pass rate (5 out of 10), which is only slightly better than the 43% pass rate overall. Did the class help? It certainly was nice to have software to do problems as well as being "forced" to go to class once a week.

And I need to double check my Ethics & Standards to ensure I'm referring to my status as a Level 2 Candidate correctly.

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KXF said...

So start studying!