Monday, May 17, 2010

Why we're doomed as a species, Part 1

Check out these illusions:

Sci Am Illusions

The checker box effect (the first illusion) is very hard to disprove to someone.

Cognitive Biases

Just tracking so I know where this is when I need it:

Cognitive Bias Flash Cards

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Those damn kids

Here's a revealing article about motivating Gen Xers (myself included) and Gen Yers:

I think its telling that there are 3 general things for the Xers, and 9 for the Yers. One theory that would be interesting to follow: The Gen Yers are never going to "be in charge." The Gen Xers, once in power, will stay there longer than their predecessors, and the Gen Yers will simply be skipped.

Go read the article. The summary is "Gen Xers have to understand what choices are possible, Gen Yers are basically children."

And stay off my lawn!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Still Studying...

I'm still studying for the CFA Level 1. I have to say I've a lot of effort into this, and one way or the other I've learned quite a bit. Hopefully I will pass, then of course I get to start studying for the next round, then the next test after that.

At some point by the time I'm ready to retire I'm sure I'll have passed all three levels. Although I suppose this is an Ethics & Standards violation - someone who is still studying should never estimate when they are going to finish.